Adaptive Services Internet Classroom

Welcome to the Adaptive Services Division's Training Website for JAWS and MAGic users. The fact that you are here means you have already navigated the internet. Even with help, this is no small task you were able to accomplish. You navigated a Start Menu, selected All Programs, and selected Internet Explorer. Once in the internet, you opened the internet Address Window by holding onto the Ctrl Key and tapping on the O Key, then you typed, and performed a Google search. After typing in your query, you browsed through the Headings by pressing H. This was because Google gave you back your search results in the form of headings. Remember, headings can also be Links. Links are what make the internet what it is by Linking different websites together. After pressing H until JAWS said the name of this site, you accessed the link by pressing Enter. So again, congratulations! You are now an internet user!

Okay, now you are going to continue learning the internet by using this website. We are going to start by using Links.

One way to find links is by using the Links List. You get to the links list by holding onto the Insert Key and tapping theF7 Key.

This is what you are going to do now. Go ahead and bring up the Links List by holding onto the Insert Key and tapping the F7 Key.

After you bring up the Links List, you are going to look for the link: Lesson 1. You will find the link to Lesson 1 by using the Down Arrow Key on your keyboard. If you think you passed Lesson 1, try using the Up Arrow Key to find it again.

If you want, you can listen to these instructions again by tapping onto the Up Arrow to navigate this paragraph line by line. Once you reach the line where you want to start from, just Down Arrow through each line until you have heard enough. Alright, now go to the Links List by holding onto the Insert Key and pressing F7.

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